Service Tax Mandatory on All Transactions from 1st April 2012

Dear Customers,

This is to bring in your notice that, in order to comply with Income Tax Department, Govt of India Regulations, Service Tax will be Mandatory on all services you purchase from our Company, effective from 1st April’12.

Service tax percentage is 12.36% as per new budget passed by Govt of India. As per this 12.36% Percentage will be charged on each purchase value.

To give you more idea on this, let us narrate with an Example. For Example presently if you are buying a domain name for Rs.500 from April 1st 2012 the cost of Domain will be Domain Price + Service Tax 12.36%= 500+ 61.8= 561.8 Rs.. Similarly, if you are purchasing 1 Lac SMS at the price of Rs.7000 presently With Service Tax New Price shall be Rs.7865.2

If you have any Due amounts or any Renewals to be made, Please pay them soon. Any payment not received within 31st March will be carried for the coming financial year which will have a Tax value of 12.36%.

For any more clarification or queries on detail you can contact on 040-64614615

Thank you for your continuous Support & Co-Operation.



Billing Department

Vast Technologies Pvt Ltd

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